STEP ONE: Squeeze the process efficiencies.
STEP TWO: Repeat Step One.

Leveraging a visual process-mapping approach honed in its retail background,
Sympo® helps companies usher in a whole new era of performance.

When gaps, waste and redundancies are eliminated from your information flow, when vital business info is accessible securely in real-time from anywhere, you save time, improve accuracy, and enhance collaboration, thereby slashing operating costs. When you streamline your systems and put the power to continuously improve functionality into the hands of your own people, you win. By first taking an in-depth look at how various departments interact with critical business info, Sympo® helps pinpoint where process improvement will yield the greatest benefit.

From the answers we obtain in our Discovery phase we rapidly shift into Application Development & Testing. The latter is our opportunity to tweak both functionality and overall usability. In Integration & Deployment, you begin to see how all of your data will begin serving double-duty as we leverage your existing systems and allow for information to be shared (on a permissions-basis) interdepartmentally. Combined with Training, Technical Support and User Support, Sympo® has become so skilled at identifying precise needs and developing concrete plans-of-action, we've been known to crack issues that have beleaguered businesses for years in as little as seven days. Of course, many projects are more involved than this, but the pace at which we've become known for working is an organizational constant.