It's the difference between creating apps and creating results.

By helping companies engineer more streamlined approaches to how they manage their data, Sympo® builds more than Quick Base® applications. We build relationships.

For companies who recognize the financial drain imposed by the rigid information management tools of yesterday, Sympo® will prove itself to be your indispensable ally in capturing new efficiencies, customizing your Quick Base® applications to suit individual team needs and helping you optimize business processes by automating routine tasks. By taking a people-first approach to data collection, collaboration, integration and reporting, we deliver both the level of ROI and the kind of stalwart service that leads to enduring partnerships. We collaborate better so your team can better collaborate. But there's no need to take our word for it. Take it from the people whose notoriously high standards we continue to meet and exceed:

"The team at Sympo® has been diligent in their pursuit of customer satisfaction. From the Discovery, Analysis, Design, and Implementation of our custom application they have taken great pains to ensure that expectations are clearly set and managed. They have been flexible when presented with a challenge and creative in devising solutions. Working with Sympo® will enhance your Quick Base® experience."

Helen Morin
SAS Institute, Inc.

"When researching for a company to help us develop a sales tool for our marketers we ran into a lot of companies that were
not timely in their response to a phone call for discussion. Except, Sympo®, their employees were timely and beat some of the
timelines we established just to get information prior to signing a contract.

During the development of our database, Sympo®, took the time to understand our company and actually made some great suggestions
to add things that were accepted and have been very beneficial to our marketers. We have been so pleased with the professionalism,
response time and attention to deadlines that we have moved on to the second and third development of a marketing tool.

If I had to recommend a company, Sympo® is it. They understand and move through the Quick Base® database world without a hitch.
I must say it has been a pleasure to work with people who care about the customer and take the time to understand the business
that they are supporting."

Jessica Banks
The Warranty Group

"My company’s marketing communications department, which spans dozens of countries around the world and accounts for project
completion across hundreds of markets, relies heavily on Quick Base®. In fact, our jobs would be difficult without it. When the
tool was first introduced to our team, however, an internal manager spent countless hours building and revising our databases,
a chore quickly discovered to be a less than ideal use of her time.

Since we found Sympo®, our team’s project record-keeping, and my role as the internal Quick Base® administrator, have improved
greatly. I contact my Sympo® reps -- sometimes with simple requested changes, other times with a complex wish list of new
functionality -- and they respond promptly; conduct short, to-the-point, shared-screen conference calls when needed; and
otherwise knock my socks off regularly with their expertise and rapport.

If you're in need of Quick Base® solutions or support, look no further than the team at Sympo®."

Travis Estvold
MarCom Specialist, North America/AUS/NZ
Nunhems USA

"Quick Base® has been a great tool for me and my team. My first exposure to Quick Base® came at a time when my team was in desperate
need of a project management tool. The Quick Base® team worked diligently with us to understand our business, and then to implement
a Quick Base® application that made the administrative piece of our business so much easier as well as providing an accuracy of data
input and reporting that was previously lacking. It became so easy to share data with other teams. We were fortunate to be
‘pioneers’ in our Company with utilizing Quick Base®.

I would be remiss if I did not express the extreme professionalism of the Sympo® team. I always felt they had my team’s needs first
and foremost in their consideration. They spent a great deal of time understanding our needs before proposing the application.
They helped us to understand the details of how the application would work and what the benefits would be.

Sympo® has been a great team to work with, and I am very proud to be associated with them."

Senior Manager, Customer Experience
Fortune Global 100 Retailer

"Sympo® has always provided very quick and concise answers to all questions about Quick Base® form and report development. They have
solved all problems I have asked of them."

Philip J. Meric
Owner, Philip J. Meric Consulting, LLC

"We first met Aurora and the rest of the team from Sympo®, by chance, at a conference in Phoenix, Arizona. A fortuitous meeting.
Their work with us has exceeded our expectations and exceeded the initial goals that we set out together for our company. Different
than many. Over delivered and under promised."

Merrill Stewart, Founder/ President,
Stewart Perry Construction

"I would like to convey my absolute appreciation for the customer service that you have provided our company. You have opened a
fresh new approach to the way we use Quick Base® in our day to day operations. It has been an extreme pleasure to work with
a strong team of technical professionals such as those at Sympo®."

Guy Taylor, Chief of Operations,
Victory Foam, Inc.

"Thank you, Diana. This is perfect. You are really good at what you do and truly helpful not only because you help us achieve what we are
trying to accomplish but also give us great suggestions on how to make the system work to meet our needs. I'm sure your other clients feel
the same way about the service you give them."

Virginia Diacosta, Management Representative,
Victory Foam, Inc.

"In an environment filled with complex projects being developed across multiple cross functional teams (both internal and external) visibility
to real time data is a must. Your company has developed a customized web based platform that exceeded our expectations in performance and
speed to market; a project that we could not have delivered on our own."

Sr. Director Leasing Operations
Fortune Global 100 Retailer